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Monday, March 09, 2009

Live 'n' Loaded afterthoughts

It's been almost a week since we performed for Channel 5's Live 'n' Loaded at MediaCorp.

While there were certain aspects of the whole affair that could have worked out better for us, we're still deeply grateful to have been a part of the show. After all, I really wonder when is the next time such a programme is going to air on national television again.

When we were first approached by the producers of the show last year, they wanted us to perform "If It Wasn't For You", which we gladly accepted. A few months down the road, they asked if we could also do our cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella". We agreed, but only on the condition that if we only had 1 song's worth of airtime on the episode, it would have to be an original ("If It Wasn't For You") instead of a cover ("Umbrella").

And so it was settled that we would perform "If It Wasn't For You" for the show, and "Umbrella" as an online web exclusive. What we didn't expect was performing "Umbrella" to an empty studio on the day of the recording, at around 3pm in the afternoon. I still can't stop thinking of how "Umbrella" would have been lapped up by the 'live' audience and home viewers of the episode, but it's not as if I can change that now.

Anyway, a few days before the recording, the producers called to ask about "Our Secret", the song we wrote with Diya for Youth.SG's Feed Me campaign. They asked if we would be keen to perform the duet with Diya on the show, but told us that there was only time for the 1min version. Such an arrangement was better for us anyway, considering how we wouldn't have been comfortable with performing the unpolished full-length version.

Which is why our duet with Diya appeared somewhat brief on the eventual episode, after our performance of "If It Wasn't For You". But we've received some really positive feedback about "Our Secret" so far, so I guess it all worked out in a sense?

Besides, being on the show has made us some new friends and given us much media exposure, which is really more than we can ask for. So keep up the good work Channel 5, and here's to a promising new chapter for local music in the mainstream media...




That doesn't mean I've forgotten about recording a trailer that wasn't used in the end though!

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King Kong Jane is an indie rock band based in Singapore. The band first rose to prominence in 2007, when it was selected to perform at alternative music festival Baybeats. In 2008, King Kong Jane won nationwide band competition Powerjam, and was named Best English Local Act in The Sunday Times.

Known for its energetic live performances and catchy rock tunes such as "If It Wasn't For You", King Kong Jane released it's long-awaited debut album 'Waiting For Friday' in March 2011.

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